Paradise Is Not for Sale

Teit Ritzau, Denmark, 1985

62 min.DK/Documentary

This documentary portrays three people who have changed their sex: Christine Jorgensen, the American soldier who came to Denmark, underwent an operation and left as a woman, thereby making international headlines; Hanne Rasmussen, a transvestite taxi-driver who changes his sex every morning; and Thomas Holck, once a woman, but now a bearded, pipe-smoking man. The case histories of these three people are framed by the historical facts of the persecution of Magnus Hirschfeld in Germany just before the First World War.
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Original title Paradiset er ikke til salg
Danish title Paradiset er ikke til salg
Keywords Trans sexuals, Sexuality, Sex change, Drags, Transvestites, 1980-1989
Director Teit Ritzau
Screenplay Ole Henning Hansen, Teit Ritzau
Director of Photography Dirk Brüel, Peter Roos, Jan Weincke, Henning Bendtsen, Christine Jørgensen
Editor Ole Henning Hansen
Sound Iben Haahr Andersen, Jørgen Lyd Nielsen
Appearance Hanne Rasmusen, Christine Jorgensen, Giorgia O''Brian, Thomas Holck
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 13.09.1985
Cinemas ABCinema, Café Biografen (Odense), Café Biografen (Vejle), Øst for Paradis (Århus)
TV release 17.03.1986
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Saga Video & Kortfilm
Commissioned by Statens Filmcentral
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Teit Ritzau


Script Ole Henning Hansen
Script Teit Ritzau


Production manager Louise Kjær
Production manager Gerd Roos


Cinematography Dirk Brüel
Cinematography Peter Roos
Cinematography Jan Weincke
Cinematography Henning Bendtsen
Cinematography Christine Jørgensen


Editing Ole Henning Hansen


Sound Iben Haahr Andersen
Sound Jørgen Lyd Nielsen


Appearance Hanne Rasmusen
Appearance Christine Jorgensen
Appearance Giorgia O''Brian
Appearance Thomas Holck
Appearance High Society

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