Peter Gornstein, Denmark, 2011

19 min.DK/Short fiction

Set in the near future, in a world where capitalism has run its course, Daniel a young Peaceforce officer meets Jesper, a prominent local citizen, who claims that an elephant is running amok in the city, killing people. Speared on by idealism Daniel decides to follow Jesper deep into heart of a desolate city believing he can make a difference helping the wounded and dealing with the elephant. Not long into his mission Daniel discovers that he''s in way over his head.
Basic information Credits
Original title Peaceforce
Danish title Peaceforce
Keywords Science Fiction, Dystopias, Denmark
Director Peter Gornstein
Screenplay David Sandreuter
Producer Peter Bose, Jonas Allen, Beatrice von Schwerin
Director of Photography Jacob Kusk
Editor Nicolaj Monberg
Sound Rune Klausen
Composer Kristor Brødsgaard, Vagn Luv
Production designer Thomas Bremer
Casting Tanja Grunwald
Appearance Henning Jensen, Anders Hove, Cyron Melville, Silja Byske
Production country Denmark
International sales Some Like it Short
Technical info 2,35:1 Scope, color, Dolby, SRD
Danish festival release 28.04.2011, Cinemateket, CPH-PIX 2011
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Miso Film


Direction Peter Gornstein
Casting Tanja Grunwald
Casting: extras Katrine Marboe
Continuity Cecilie McNair


Script David Sandreuter


Producer Peter Bose
Producer Jonas Allen
Producer Beatrice von Schwerin
Production manager Sille Jaworski Sterll


Cinematography Jacob Kusk


Stills Sille Sterll Jaworski


Editing Nicolaj Monberg


Music Kristor Brødsgaard
Music Vagn Luv

Production design

Production designer Thomas Bremer


Costume on set Mette Meinicke


Sound designer Rune Klausen
Sound mixer Rune Klausen

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Ivo Horvat
Compositing Martin Madsen


Appearance Henning Jensen
Appearance Anders Hove
Appearance Cyron Melville
Appearance Silja Byske
Appearance Søren Poppel
Appearance André Babikian

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