Pigerne i 4.b

Vibe Mogensen, Denmark, 1999

51 min.DK/DocumentaryChildren's films

Best friend - decisive for the girls of 4th B. This documentary deals with friendship in good and evil. Imperceptibly the film crew follows the girls at school and in a camp where great dramas are played out. Dramas with classic themes and archetypal cast: the princess, the rival, the assistant, the messanger and all the others. The boys exist, but far away in the horizon of the feelings. The relationship to the girl friends is serious. That is all that matters.
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Original title Pigerne i 4.b
Danish title Pigerne i 4.b
Other titles Pigerne i 4. b / Ghettoprinsesse
Keywords Girlfriends, Schools, Girls, Denmark, 1990-1999
Director Vibe Mogensen
Screenplay Vibe Mogensen, Anders Riis-Hansen
Director of Photography Per Fredrik Skiöld
Editor Stig Bilde
Sound Lars Wellejus Birlund
Composer Ole Højer Hansen
Production country Denmark
Production companies Thomas Heurlin TV-Produktion ApS
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production companies Thomas Heurlin TV-Produktion ApS


Direction Vibe Mogensen


Script Vibe Mogensen
Script Anders Riis-Hansen


Executive producer Thomas Heurlin


Cinematography Per Fredrik Skiöld


Editing Stig Bilde


Music Ole Højer Hansen


Sound Lars Wellejus Birlund

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