The Porcelain Dog

Ida Grøn, Denmark, 2008

28 min.DK/Documentary

The heart warm story of two apparently diametrically opposite worlds which cross when an elderly wealthy Danish couple, Dan and Rosa, donates a house to an elderly Burundian couple, Mavumbo and Marceline. To experience or to survive becomes a question in this visual clash of cultures. The housing-project takes along a story about peculiarities of matrimonial love and imaginations about "the other”.
Basic information Credits
Original title The Porcelain Dog
Danish title Porcelainshunden
Keywords Married Couples, Cultural clashes, Cultural meetings, Housing conditions, Burundi
Director Ida Grøn
Co-director Iben Bentzen
Producer Ida Grøn
Director of Photography Ida Grøn, Iben Bentzen
Editor Mikael Svartdahl
Production country Denmark, United Kingdom
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Production company
With support from Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Ida Grøn
Co-director Iben Bentzen


Producer Ida Grøn


Cinematographer Ida Grøn
Cinematographer Iben Bentzen


Editor Mikael Svartdahl
Online editor Juan Pablo Salazar


Sound Ida Grøn
Sound Iben Bentzen
Sound Editing Jeet Thakrar
Dubbing and mix Chris Pow

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