The President

Christoffer Guldbrandsen, Denmark, 2011

59 min.DK/Documentary

The incisive and unsettling story about the man who became the first President of Europe ... against his own will. Told in a charged and unflinching manner by current and former heads of state, »The President« shows how Europe got its first president and offers stunning insight into why the EU, time and again, fails whenever big decisions have to be made.
Basic information Credits
Original title Præsidenten
Danish title Præsidenten
Other titles Danish documentaries - selection
Keywords EU, Europe, European Council, Fogh Rasmussen, Anders, Prodi, Romano
Director Christoffer Guldbrandsen
Producer Ane Mandrup Pedersen, Stine Meldgaard Madsen
Director of Photography Lars Bonde, Adam Philp, Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
Editor Stig Bilde, Steen Johannessen, Bodil Kjærhauge
Sound Morten Jensen, Carl Plesner
Composer Halfdan E
Production country Denmark
International sales DR International Sales
Technical info color, Sound
TV release 12.04.2011, DR 2
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Guldbrandsen Film


Direction Christoffer Guldbrandsen


Producer Ane Mandrup Pedersen
Producer Stine Meldgaard Madsen
Producer's assistant Alexandra Ejby Bidstrup
Research Anne Sofie Allarp
Research Brigitte Alfter
Research Jeppe Bangsgaard
Research Jakob Sorgenfri Kjær


Director of photography Nikolai Østergaard
Cinematographer Lars Bonde
Cinematographer Adam Philp
Cinematographer Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
Graphic design and animation Benny Box


Editor Stig Bilde
Editor Steen Johannessen
Editor Bodil Kjærhauge
Editing supervisor Janus Billeskov Jansen
Editing supervisor Anders Refn
Assistant editor Sune Frederik Andersen
Assistant editor Kenneth Asmus Andersen
Assistant editor Janne Bjerg


Music Halfdan E


Sound: post production Asser Borgen
Sound engineer Morten Jensen
Sound engineer Carl Plesner

Other credits

Archive research Christine Pallisgaard
Archive research Trine Berg-Hansen

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