The Hand of Fate

August Blom, Denmark, 1922

81 min.DK/FeatureCrime film, Drama, Historical drama, AdaptionsSilent films

In 1625, the vicar of Vejlby is convicted for the murder of his stable-hand, Niels Bruus. Circumstantial evidence turns the scales of justice against the vicar. The magistrate, who was going to marry the vicar's daughter, must reluctantly pass the death-sentence. Only many years after the execution does the lonely and unhappy magistrate discover the truth. The vicar was innocent, the crime having been carefully staged by Niels Bruus's brother Morten, who wanted revenge after having been rejected by Mette. This is the final blow for the magistrate, but before he dies, he learns that Mette still loves him.
After the First World War, Nordisk tried desperately to recapture their lost markets. Clearly inspired by the international success of Swedish cinema, they tried making a number of "national" films, costume pictures inspired by Danish literary classics. Præsten i Vejlby is a good example, based on a well-known 1829 short story by Steen Steensen Blicher, which in turn was inspired by historical events. The film cannot equal the dramatic intensity of the great Swedish films, but it is handsomely made, partly shot on the actual locations referred to Blicher, and elaborately tinted in a variety of colors. Soon after this film, Nordisk adopted a much simpler tinting scheme, using light amber for most scenes except nighttime scenes, which were tinted blue.
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Original title Præsten i Vejlby
Danish title Præsten i Vejlby
International titles Der Pfarrer zu Vejlby, Prästen i Vejlby, Le pasteur de Veilby
Director August Blom
Screenplay Valdemar Andersen
Based on Steen Steensen Blichers novelle 'Præsten i Vejlbye. En Criminalhistorie', offentliggjort 1829 i tidsskriftet 'Nordlyset'.
Director of Photography Louis Larsen
Appearance Gunnar Tolnæs, Viggo Wiehe, Ingeborg Spangsfeldt, Peter Nielsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Fotorama
Technical info 2303 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 20.03.1922
Cinemas World Cinema
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction August Blom


Script Valdemar Andersen


Cinematography Louis Larsen


Erik Sørensen, herredsfoged Gunnar Tolnæs
Søren Quist, sognepræsten i Vejlby Viggo Wiehe
Mette, præstens datter Ingeborg Spangsfeldt
Morten Bruus til Ingvorstrup Peter Nielsen
Niels Bruus Hans Christian Sørensen
Moster Gertrud Clara Schønfeld
Præsten i Aalsø Hans Dynesen

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