Purity Beats Everything

Jon Bang Carlsen, Denmark, 2007

51 min.DK/Documentary

"A little lie may not be believed at all, but a big lie, if repeated with sufficient vigour and frequency, will eventually take deep root in the minds of the uninformed masses." Josef Goebbel''s prophetic words resonate deep into our time.

»Purity Beats Everything« is about growing up in a thatched silence in an idyllic country neighbouring Germany. An uneasy silence that reveals itself as the absence of truth about my Scandinavian culture''s involvement with the uncomprehensible evil that stems from trying to "purify" other cultures. By following the tale of two Auschwitz survivors we are lead into a devastating past that leads straight into our future.
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Original title Purity Beats Everything
Danish title Purity Beats Everything
Keywords World War 2, Persecution of the Jews, South Africa, Apartheid
Director Jon Bang Carlsen
Screenplay Jon Bang Carlsen
Producer Marianne Christensen
Director of Photography Jon Bang Carlsen
Editor Andri Steinn Gudjonsson
Sound Peter Schultz
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Dox-on-wheels
International sales C&C Productions ApS
Technical info color
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company C&C Productions
Domestic distribution Dox-on-wheels


Direction Jon Bang Carlsen


Script Jon Bang Carlsen


Executive producer Esben Klemann
Executive producer Jon Bang Carlsen
Producer Marianne Christensen


Cinematography Jon Bang Carlsen


Stills Jon Bang Carlsen


Editing Andri Steinn Gudjonsson


Sound Peter Schultz

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