Johan Oettinger, Lithuania, 2016

8 min.Short fictionAnimation

An old and proud eagle i starving in a stormy, desolate mountain landscape. Lured by a mirage it discovers some carrion. The eagle is tempted to fortify itself, but does not go against its nature to never eat carrion. It is a desperate and hopeless situation, so the spirit of doom manages to seduce the weak eagle. As soon as the eagle gives in to temptation, a bullet is shot. The eagle dies, but stays true to itself.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Ragnarok
Danish title Ragnarok
Director Johan Oettinger
Screenplay Johan Oettinger, Urté Oettinger
Producer Agné Adoméné, Johan Oettinger
Director of Photography Johan Oettinger
Sound Nicolas Vetterli
Production country Lithuania, Denmark
Production companies Art Shot, Wired Fly


Production companies Art Shot, Wired Fly
With support from Lietuvos Kino Centras, The Animation Workshop, Anis, Madstone, Nordic Culture Point


Direction Johan Oettinger


Screenplay Johan Oettinger
Screenplay Urté Oettinger


Producer Agné Adoméné
Producer Johan Oettinger


Cinematographer Johan Oettinger


Sound designer Nicolas Vetterli


Animator Christophe Peladan

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