The Journey To The Forbidden Struggle

Pil Maria Gunnarsson, Denmark, 1999


A woman finds an article about a feminist group in the Basque Country that has placed a bomb in the car of a man, who is said to have beaten up his wife a number of times and been found not quilty in Court. The woman is fascinated by the story and sets out to find the feminists. She traces their leader and a member of HB, a support group of ETA. A film about the use of violence as a political goal.
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Original title Rejsen til den forbudte kamp
Danish title Rejsen til den forbudte kamp
Other titles The Journey To The Forbidden Struggle
Director Pil Maria Gunnarsson
Screenplay Pil Maria Gunnarsson
Director of Photography Stephan Pehrsson, Pil Maria Gunnarsson
Editor Britta Sørensen, Kaare Breiner
Sound Pil Maria Gunnarsson, Kasper Munck-Hansen
Production country Denmark
Production companies Filmværkstedet / DFI


Production companies Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Pil Maria Gunnarsson


Script Pil Maria Gunnarsson


Cinematography Stephan Pehrsson
Cinematography Pil Maria Gunnarsson


Editing Britta Sørensen
Editing Kaare Breiner


Sound Pil Maria Gunnarsson
Sound Kasper Munck-Hansen

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