Ulla Boye, Denmark, 2002

DK/Short fiction

An elderly woman is lying on a flowery bed. She is drifting off for her afternoon nap. A fly is buzzing around. Behind the woman a mountain ridge undulates across the horizon. The scene has a Mediterranean touch. A gate opens and sleep comes. Images begin to roll out. The sky. The sea. Fluttering laundry. Bleating sheep.
"I film the lingering moments, the space occupied by memories, the intangible , " says Ulla Boye about her poetic, dialogueless film, made up of fleeting, fable-like image fragments. "I film at a slow pace, a visual arabesque of the kind you sink into just before you fall asleep."
Basic information Credits
Original title Reverie
Danish title Reverie
Director Ulla Boye
Director of Photography Jørgen Johansson
Editor Mette Esmark
Sound Jens Bønding
Production country Denmark
Technical info color
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Production company Haslund Film


Direction Ulla Boye


Cinematography Jørgen Johansson


Editing Mette Esmark


Sound Jens Bønding

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