Russian avantgarde

Alexander Krivonos, Denmark, 1999

54 min.DK/Documentary

Russisk Avantgarde uses a group of prominent Russian artists from the beginning of the century to depict a turbulent period in the country''s recent history: Malevic, Filonov, Tatlin and the ideologist and commissar, Nikolaj Punin. This is a dramatic story about a group of radical artists who were finally betrayed by the communist regime after having dedicated their lives to the revolution. Only since the onslaught of perestrojka have museum cellars seen the light of day and released these forbidden works of art.
Basic information Credits
Original title Russisk avantgarde
Danish title Russisk avantgarde
Keywords Avantgarde art, Art history, Russia, Freedom of speech
Director Alexander Krivonos
Screenplay Felix Lazarev
Production country Denmark, Russia
Technical info color
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Vesterholt Film & TV, Quadrat Film


Direction Alexander Krivonos


Script Felix Lazarev


Production Sonja Vesterholt

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