Gargandi snilld

87 min.DK/DocumentaryMusic films

Icelandic music hit the international scene with Björk and the Sugarcubes. In the last decade, several bands and solo acts have followed suit. Sigur Rós, Múm, Bang Gang, Mugison, Minus and Slowblow are a few of the more recent names and there are even more unpronouncable ones to look forward to in the coming years. "It's different," is most people's first reaction on hearing this diverse but highly original music. "Where is all this coming from?"
At the edge of the inhabitable world, high in the North-Atlantic, the Icelanders have whiled away the long, dark centuries patiently honing their caustic humor, their eccentric melodies and ancient poetry. The old music, handed down from medieval times, is one of the secrets to the Icelanders' unique sound - the howl of the arctic storm and the surf breaking on the rocky coast may be another.
Whatever the explanation, the Icelanders have forstered a music scene with a sound and attitude that is all their own, mixing ancient dirges and contemporary electronics, rock, pop and classical influences, to produce their own eclectic style. This film delivers the full force of the explosive Icelandic music scene with massive 5.1 Dolby sound and a fast-paced visual extravaganca that will leave you breathless. We follow the acts from their home in Iceland as they tour the world, from New York to Tokyo and beyond. The film was two years in the making and takes the audience behind the scenes of Reykjavik's irrepressible musical underground. The creeping glaciers, barren highland sands and dark raging seas full of ghosts form a backdrop to the raw energy of the music.
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Original title Gargandi snilld
Danish title Screaming masterpiece
Keywords Iceland, Music, Pop, Rock, 2000-2009
Director Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson
Screenplay Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson
Director of Photography Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson
Editor Jón Yngvi Gylfason
Sound Kjartan Kjartansson
Production country Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands
Domestic distribution Angel Films
Technical info 35 mm, 1,85:1 - Widescreen, color, Dolby digital stereo
Danish theatrical release 02.12.2005
Cinemas Gloria
Find more Variety April 11, 2005, p 28
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Zik Zak Kvikmyndir, Ergis Filmproductions, Palomar Pictures
Domestic distribution Angel Films


Direction Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson


Script Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson


Executive producer Thor Sigurjonsson
Executive producer Skúli Fr. Malmquist
Co-producer Mogens Glad
Co-producer Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir
Co-producer Ármann Guðmundsson
Co-producer Poul Erik Lindeborg
Co-producer San Fu Maltha


Cinematography Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson


Editing Jón Yngvi Gylfason


Sound Kjartan Kjartansson

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