The Whales of August

Lindsay Anderson, United States, 1987

91 min.Feature

Basic information Credits
Original title The Whales of August
Danish title Sensommerdage
Director Lindsay Anderson
Screenplay David Berry
Based on Teaterstykke af David Berry
Director of Photography Mike Fash
Editor Nicolas Gaster
Sound Alan Bell, Don Summer, Hugh Strain
Composer Alan Price
Production designer Jocelyn Herbert, K.C. Fox, Bob Fox, Sosie Hublitz
Appearance Bette Davis, Lilian Gish, Vincent Price, Ann Sothern
Production country United States
Domestic distribution Egmont Film
Technical info CFI
Danish theatrical release 06.10.1989
Cinemas Dagmar, Palads (Århus)
TV release 09.12.1992, DR
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Alive Films, Circle Associates
Domestic distribution Egmont Film


Direction Lindsay Anderson
Assistant director Broderick Miller
Assistant director Matthew Clark
Assistant director Beverly Burton


Script David Berry


Production Carolyn Pfeiffer
Production Mike Kaplan
Executive producer Shep Gordon
Production assistant Stuart Besser


Cinematography Mike Fash
Cinematographer Daniel Sanabria
Cinematographer David Harp


Editing Nicolas Gaster


Music Alan Price
Singing "Roses of Picardy" af Fred E. Weatherly

Production design

Production design Jocelyn Herbert
Production designer K.C. Fox
Production designer Bob Fox
Production designer Sosie Hublitz


Wardrobe Rudy Dillon
Wardrobe Julie Weiss


Sound Alan Bell
Sound Don Summer
Sound Hugh Strain


Appearance Bette Davis
Appearance Lilian Gish
Appearance Vincent Price
Appearance Ann Sothern
Appearance Harry Carey Jr.
Appearance Frank Grimes
Appearance Frank Pitkin
Appearance Mike Bush
Appearance Margaret Ladd
Appearance Tisha Sterling
Appearance Mary Steenburgen

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