13 min.DocumentaryChildren's films, Animation

Sharaf is one of thousands of boat-refugees who have arrived to Gran Canaria from Africa in the last years. They cross the ocean in small, non-seaworthy fishing boats, called pateras and cayucos. In a way Sharaf was lucky, he survived, many people have died in the Atlantic Ocean trying to get into the EU. Sharaf describes not only his own story with unsentimental precision, he also speaks of those who died before he and his brother made their journey. A group of people from his village drowned during a similar trip just a few days before Sharaf left with a patera headed to the Canary Islands. Sharaf was aware of the risks but still he was prepared to take the chance.
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Original title Sharaf
Danish title Sharaf
Keywords Refugees, Children, Young people, EU, 2010-2019
Director Hanna Heilborn, David Aronowitsch
Producer Hanna Heilborn, David Aronowitsch
Sound Anders Nyström
Production designer Magnus Östergren
Production country Sweden, Denmark
Dialogue language Spanish,Swedish
Production company Story AB
International sales To be announced
Online release 19.11.2012, Filmstriben
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Story AB


Direction Hanna Heilborn
Direction David Aronowitsch


Producer Hanna Heilborn
Producer David Aronowitsch
Line producer Thomas Oger

Production design

Production design Magnus Östergren
Art director Mats Johansson


Sound Anders Nyström

Visual effects

Rendering Adam Wittsell


Character design Mats Johansson
Lead animator Nicolas Maurice
Animator Astrid Krejbjerg
Animator Bert Zierfuss
Animator Thomas Oger
Background designer Malin Erkkonen
Background designer Charlotte Cambon
Background designer Lucie La Chimia
3D models Jonas Kärn
3D models Nicolas Maurice

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