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Bent Staalhøj, Denmark, 1992

47 min.DK/Documentary

December 31th, 1991 the East Asia Compagny owned DS Industries were closed and an era had come to an end. One year passed from the employees were told till the factory actually closed. This last period of the Soya Bean Cake was to change the employees totally. The video contains old archive material from China, the early days of the factory, commercials and interviews with the employees.
Basic information Credits
Original title Som brødre vi dele
Danish title Som brødre vi dele
Director Bent Staalhøj
Screenplay Bent Staalhøj
Director of Photography Reza Pakzad, Franco Invernizzi, Bent Staalhøj, Kenn Åberg
Editor Bent Staalhøj, Franco Invernizzi
Sound Bent Staalhøj, Franco Invernizzi, Jacob Heldt
Composer Neel Ludwig
Production country Denmark
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Production company Aarhus Filmværksted, Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Bent Staalhøj


Script Bent Staalhøj


Cinematography Reza Pakzad
Cinematography Franco Invernizzi
Cinematography Bent Staalhøj
Cinematography Kenn Åberg


Editing Bent Staalhøj
Editing Franco Invernizzi


Music Neel Ludwig


Sound Bent Staalhøj
Sound Franco Invernizzi
Sound Jacob Heldt

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