Sonja lærer at cykle

Anna Vesterholt, Denmark, 2005

19 min.DK/Documentary

Sonja has never learned the art of bicycling. Now is the time. For her 60th birthday Russian-born Sonja receives a bicycle and must now make acquaintance with terra incognita. Sonja gets on well during her first practice, but she is terribly dangerous in the streets. She is unable to manoeuvre the bicycle properly, and even though she is familiar with traffic rules they are difficult to practice on a cycle out in the real world. Consequently, Sonja decides to join a bicycling course for women. "Sonja Learns to Ride a Bike" describes the learning process and depicts Sonja on her path to become a confident cyclist.
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Original title Sonja lærer at cykle
Danish title Sonja lærer at cykle
Keywords Cycling, Denmark, 2000-2009
Director Anna Vesterholt
Director of Photography Christian Ameen, Kenneth Sorento, Britta Sørensen
Sound Britta Sørensen, Kenneth Sorento, Christian Ameen
Production country Denmark
Production companies Vesterholt Film & TV
International sales Vesterholt Film & TV / Nørre Voldgade 12 / 1358 København K / t 3314 1605 / f 3314 1662 / svfilm@post10.tele.dk
Festival information Danish Film Institute
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production companies Vesterholt Film & TV


Direction Anna Vesterholt


Production Britta Sørensen


Cinematography Christian Ameen
Cinematography Kenneth Sorento
Cinematography Britta Sørensen


Stills Kenneth Sorento
Stills Britta Sørensen


Sound Britta Sørensen
Sound Kenneth Sorento
Sound Christian Ameen

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
CPH:DOX 2005-11-04
Odense Internationale Film Festival 2005-08-11
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