Starling Magic

Charlotte Brodthagen, Denmark, 2014

21 min.DK/Short fiction

Camilla and Ella, two best friends, are extremely excited as they''re planning to catch a glimpse of the nature phenomenon starling magic on the upcoming camping trip with their class. During the camping trip, however, their friendship is put to the test as Camilla is invited to join the cool kids. Slowly, the two friends - who used to be two peas in a pod - drift apart and a once beautiful friendship ends, irretrievably lost.
Basic information Credits
Original title Sort Sol
Danish title Sort Sol
Keywords Girlfriends, Childrens''s camps, Cliques, Girls
Director Charlotte Brodthagen
Screenplay Christian Bengtson
Producer Pernille Tornøe
Director of Photography Brian Curt Petersen
Editor Mads Michael Olsen
Sound Mira Falk, Brian Dyrby
Composer Mathias Dehn
Casting Bue Nielsen
Appearance Rasmus Botoft, Tippie-Maya Høgh, Oskar Charamba Sørensen, Anna Kempinski Németh
Production country Denmark
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Production company Århus Filmværksted


Direction Charlotte Brodthagen
1st assistant director Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen
Extras coordinator Frederick Larsen
Casting Bue Nielsen


Script Christian Bengtson


Producer Pernille Tornøe
Production manager Anna Cathrine Colberg
Producer''s assistant Sofie Bjerregaard
Producer''s assistant Signe Kramer
Production assistant Michala Elk


Cinematography Brian Curt Petersen
Camera assistant Anne Skamris

Electrical dept.

Assistant lighting technician Neffi Kristensen
Assistant lighting technician Niklas Morgenstjerne
Assistant lighting technician Karl Friis Forchhammer
Best boy James Duncan


Editing Mads Michael Olsen
Assistant editor Mads Jørn Frausig


Music Mathias Dehn

Production design

Props Marianne Femerling


Makeup artist Camilla Nordbjerg
Makeup assistant Mia Ottendal Aspelund


Sound designer Mira Falk
Foley artist Christian Ingendahl
Sound designer Brian Dyrby
Boom operator Elisabeth Nejsum

Visual effects

Colourist Tobias Bach Hansen
Title design Katrine Sloth
Graphic design Kamho Yung


Bjarne Rasmus Botoft
Camilla Tippie-Maya Høgh
Jonas Oskar Charamba Sørensen
Appearance Anna Kempinski Németh
Appearance Kasper Alexander Spies
Appearance Carla Marie Willendrup
Appearance Laura Darren
Appearance Isabella Johansen
Appearance Alexander Kamp Køhn
Appearance Anders Boysen Ladewig
Appearance Rosa Sand Michelsen
Appearance Sofie Hjerrild Nielsen
Appearance Torben Strand Petersen
Appearance Luna Jarnbye Trudslev
Appearance Malte Zierau
Appearance Mikael Chua Ziska

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