Pointy Elbows, Bleeding Knees

Karoline Lyngbye, Denmark, 2013

28 min.DK/Short fictionFilm school films

15-year-old Julie feels that time stands still in the suburban neighborhood where she lives with her helpless mother and older sister. When her sister¿s boyfriend drops by the house a warm day during summer vacation she sees the opportunity to not only escape from the heavy weighing atmosphere of her childhood home, but also to satisfy some of the restlessness and curiosity that lives in her evolving teenage body.
Basic information Credits
Original title Spidse albuer, blødende knæ
Danish title Spidse albuer, blødende knæ
Other titles Afgangsfilm 2013
Keywords Girls, Sisters, Sexuality
Director Karoline Lyngbye
Screenplay Karoline Lyngbye, Astrid Øye
Producer Julie Friis Walenciak, Jakob Balslev
Director of Photography Lis Dyre
Editor Anders Skov
Sound Sune Kaarsberg
Composer Peter Helms
Production designer Maja Boberg
Appearance Coco Hjardemaal, Julie Grundtvig Wester, Morten Holst, Charlotte Sieling
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole
Danish theatrical release 19.06.2013
Cinemas Dagmar
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole


Direction Karoline Lyngbye


Screenplay Karoline Lyngbye
Screenplay Astrid Øye


Producer Julie Friis Walenciak
Producer Jakob Balslev


Cinematographer Lis Dyre


Editor Anders Skov


Composer Peter Helms

Production design

Production designer Maja Boberg


Sound designer Sune Kaarsberg


Julie Coco Hjardemaal
Sara Julie Grundtvig Wester
Nicklas Morten Holst
Mor Charlotte Sieling
Dørmand Michael Boye Andersen
Dørmand Emil Sebastian Gohr
Dreng til fest Anton Jarlskov
Pige til fest Alberte Nemholt

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