Sproget er det hus vi bor i

Jesper Fabricius, Denmark, 2002

19 min.DK/Experimental

Jesper Fabricius, painter and filmmaker, has devised a series of film experiments in which he approaches the physical material of the media with an attitude of mechanical, almost scientific inquiry. He is more interested in the celluloid than in the classical narrative, and in the magic concealed by the illusion act performed by the moving image. This also goes for »Language is the House We Live In«, which is primarily composed of a series of shots of building sites and Icelandic landscapes seen through various colour filters and added effects that manipulate time. The building sites and landscapes appear to be static, but viewed over a longer period both are constantly evolving.
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Original title Sproget er det hus vi bor i
Danish title Sproget er det hus vi bor i
Director Jesper Fabricius
Screenplay Jesper Fabricius
Producer Steen Møller Rasmussen
Production country Denmark
Production company Plagiat Film
Danish festival release 12.08.2002, Odense Film Festival
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Plagiat Film


Direction Jesper Fabricius


Script Jesper Fabricius


Producer Steen Møller Rasmussen


Stills Jesper Fabricius

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