Jeannot Szwarc, United Kingdom, 1984

116 min.Feature

Basic information Credits
Original title Supergirl
Danish title Supergirl
Director Jeannot Szwarc
Screenplay David Odell
Director of Photography Alan Hume
Editor Malcolm Cooke
Sound Colin Miller, Gordon K. McCallum
Composer Jerry Goldsmith
Production designer Richard MacDonald, Terry Ackland-Snow, Charles Bishop, Viggo Bentzon, Peter Young
Appearance Faye Dunaway, Helen Slater, Peter O'Toole, Mia Farrow
Production country United Kingdom
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film
Danish theatrical release 24.06.1985
Cinemas Imperial, Bio Trio
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 12
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Production company Artistry Ltd
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film


Direction Jeannot Szwarc
Assistant director Derek Cracknell
Assistant director Chris Newman
Assistant director Keith Young
Assistant director Melvin Lind
Assistant director Trevor Puckle


Script David Odell


Production Timothy Burrill
Executive producer Ilya Salkind
Production manager Chris Kenny
Production manager Chris Coles
Production manager Terry Churcher


Cinematography Alan Hume
Cinematographer Freddie Cooper
Cinematographer Godfrey Godar
Cinematographer Mike Frift


Editing Malcolm Cooke


Music Jerry Goldsmith

Production design

Production design Richard MacDonald
Production design Terry Ackland-Snow
Production design Charles Bishop
Production designer Viggo Bentzon
Production designer Peter Young


Wardrobe Emma Porteous


Sound Colin Miller
Sound Gordon K. McCallum

Special effects

Special effects Derek Meddings
Special effects Roy Field
Special effects John Evans


Appearance Faye Dunaway
Appearance Helen Slater
Appearance Peter O'Toole
Appearance Mia Farrow
Appearance Brenda Vaccaro
Appearance Peter Cook
Appearance Simon Ward
Appearance Marc McClure
Appearance Hart Bochner
Appearance Maureen Teefy
Appearance David Healy
Appearance Sandra Dickinson
Appearance Robyn Mandell
Appearance Jenifer Landor
Appearance Diana Ricardo
Appearance Nancy Lippold
Appearance Sonya Leite
Appearance Linsey Beauchamp
Appearance Michelle Taylor
Appearance Nancy Wood
Appearance Virginia Greig
Appearance Julia Lewis
Appearance Matt Frewer
Appearance Bill McAllister
Appearance Sally Cranfield
Appearance Martha Parsey
Appearance Kelly Hunter
Appearance Ten Battenburg
Appearance Richard Bidwell
Appearance Desiree
Appearance Christian Fletcher
Appearance Karen Hale
Appearance Beulah Hughes
Appearance Lia
Appearance Mike Pearce
Appearance Kevin Scott
Appearance James Snell
Appearance Jane Sumner
Appearance Bailie Walsh
Appearance Elaine Ives-Cameron
Appearance Gay Baynes
Appearance Fred Lee Own
Appearance Edwin Van Wyk
Appearance Orla Pederson
Appearance Joe Cremona
Appearance April Orlich
Appearance Erick Ray Evans
Appearance Zoot Money
Appearance Ron Travis
Appearance Danique
Appearance Russell Sommers
Appearance Dulcie Huston
Appearance David Graham
Appearance Martin Serene
Appearance Keith Edwards
Appearance Bradley Lavelle
Appearance Carole Charnow
Appearance Shezwae Powell
Appearance Glory Annen
Appearance Sandra Martin

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