Talk like whales

Vibeke Vogel, Denmark, 1994

28 min.DK/Documentary

With a sense of astonishment, humanity sees its own reflection in the whale. And sees there the whale, which reflects itself in humanity. Astonishment is the essential core of this different and beautiful nature film that deals with the Earth's two global creatures - the ocean's whales and the continents' people.
Nobody knows just what becomes of the Atlantic Ocean's whales during the winter. Ten years may pass before that same whale which we studied just yesterday will turn up again. Where has it been in the meantime?
We do not know how a whale perceives its world. We only know that indeed it does so. The images bring the viewer into an aqueous universe, one which is characterized by both strange and simple presences. Like colossal Greek bronze gods, these creatures meander through the engulfing waves. They are fluid monuments to evolution. Every now and then, people get the chance to cross over their tracks of life. Many millions of years ago, when this particular mammal put out to sea and eventually became a whale, it also had to alter its philosophy. Within that space constituted by the ocean, the sense of hearing became more important than that of seeing - and a heard world is something completely different than a seen world. And when moreover, the nose has been pressed up into the forehead and the tongue alone weighs four tons, the thought must regain its particular composure around a new body.
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Original title Talk like whales
Danish title Talk like whales
Keywords Animals, Whales, Mammals, 1990-1999
Director Vibeke Vogel
Screenplay Vibeke Vogel
Director of Photography Jean de Buitléar
Editor Jens Tang
Composer Kaj Bojsen-Møller, Jesper Siberg
Appearances Richard Sears, Martine Bérubé, Anne Knudsen, Per Aage Brandt
Production country Denmark
Production company Holland House
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral, Danske Videoværksted
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Holland House
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral, Danske Videoværksted


Direction Vibeke Vogel


Script Vibeke Vogel


Cinematography Jean de Buitléar


Editing Jens Tang


Music Kaj Bojsen-Møller
Music Jesper Siberg


Appearance Richard Sears
Appearance Martine Bérubé
Appearance Anne Knudsen
Appearance Per Aage Brandt

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