Tiden før øjeblikket

Katia Forbert Petersen, Denmark, 1999

59 min.DK/Documentary

"In some way I have looked forward all life long to having a baby", Maj says in the film about when she discovered to her surprise that she was pregnant. Pregnancy is an intense period, full of conflicting emotions. The joy of anticipation is great, but it is accompanied by fear and concern. »Tiden før øjeblikket« follows four couples during the time before the moment comes, revealing how confusing, disturbing, delectable, and chaotic preparations are for an unpredictable birth.
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Original title Tiden før øjeblikket
Danish title Tiden før øjeblikket
Keywords Family life, Births, Pregnancy
Director Katia Forbert Petersen
Screenplay Katia Forbert Petersen
Director of Photography Katia Forbert Petersen
Editor Anette Lykke Lundberg
Sound Iben Haahr Andersen, Preben Mortensen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution DFI/Distribution & Formidling
Technical info 1,33:1, color
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Sfinx Film/TV
Domestic distribution DFI/Distribution & Formidling


Direction Katia Forbert Petersen


Script Katia Forbert Petersen


Cinematography Katia Forbert Petersen


Editing Anette Lykke Lundberg


Sound Iben Haahr Andersen
Sound Preben Mortensen

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