Maid servants

47 min.DK/Documentary

A film about the lives and work of housemaids in Denmark from the turn of the century to the years just after the Second World War. The directors of the film write: »Our invisible foremothers have lived and worked for us in obscurity and have therefore not had any real history. We have talked to many women who have been in domestic service, and among them we found those who have taken part in the film. Their stories are very different, because domestic service was a wide concept, and every situation formed a world of its own. A running commentary on what these women have to relate is provided by contemporary documentary and feature film sequences, likewise still photos and drawings and clippings from newspapers and magazines.«
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Original title Tjenestepiger
Danish title Tjenestepiger
Keywords Women's conditions, Maids, Working conditions, Denmark's history, 1980-1989
Director Ulla Boje Rasmussen, Mette Knudsen
Screenplay Ulla Boje Rasmussen, Mette Knudsen
Director of Photography Ulla Boje Rasmussen
Editor Anne Vinterberg, Kasper Schyberg, Ole Askman
Sound Erik Jensen, Peter Englesson
Composer Thomas Clausen
Appearance Edith Josefine Frederiksen, Ellen Henriksen, Erna Klokmose, Ane Nikoline Knudsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 535 meter, 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 13.06.1984
Cinemas Delta
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Hanne Høyberg Filmproduktion
Commissioned by Husligt arbejderforbund, Statens Filmcentral
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Ulla Boje Rasmussen
Direction Mette Knudsen


Script Ulla Boje Rasmussen
Script Mette Knudsen


Executive producer Hanne Høyberg
Production manager Sys Jondahl
Production manager Jens Arnoldus


Cinematography Ulla Boje Rasmussen
Camera assistant Jonathan Roberts
Camera assistant Steen Rønne


Editing Anne Vinterberg
Editing Kasper Schyberg
Editing Ole Askman


Music Thomas Clausen


Sound Erik Jensen
Sound Peter Englesson

Other credits

Historical consultant Edith Marie Rosenmeyer


Voiceover Inge Staus
Voiceover Oda Monsrud


Appearance Edith Josefine Frederiksen
Appearance Ellen Henriksen
Appearance Erna Klokmose
Appearance Ane Nikoline Knudsen
Appearance Helene Knudsen
Appearance Ingrid Müller Madsen
Appearance Grethe Sørensen

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