Anna Neye Poulsen, Denmark, 1998


Life¿s but a walking shadow, a poor player / That struts and frets his hour upon the stage / And then is heard no more. (Macbeth V.5.) Who¿s the author of the book called "Life"? Is it ourselves, a God, William Shakespeare? Who decides when we are born, live and die? And who has decided that taking your own life is a tragedy and not a triumphant dans across a smooth dance floor with Fred Astair?
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Original title Tobeornottobe
Danish title Tobeornottobe
Director Anna Neye Poulsen
Screenplay Anna Neye Poulsen
Director of Photography Claus Lykke
Editor Bo Mikkelsen
Sound Bibi Westberg
Production country Denmark
Production company Filmværkstedet / DFI
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Production company Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Anna Neye Poulsen


Script Anna Neye Poulsen


Cinematography Claus Lykke


Editing Bo Mikkelsen


Sound Bibi Westberg

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