Katrine Glenhammer, Denmark, 2020

10 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation

Totem is the story about a little woman seeking a totem animal. She selects a giant wild boar, and decides to tame it. But the boar’s strength and brutality is too much for the warlike hunter, and she gets swallowed by the animal. But down in the stomach she hears the animal’s heart beating, and she decides to fight her way out, whatever it takes.
Basic information Credits
Original title Totem
Danish title Totem
Director Katrine Glenhammer
Producer Jonathan Langelund
Editor David Wedel
Sound Nicolas Vetterli
Composer Nicolas Vetterli
Production designer Marianne Glenhammer
Production country Denmark
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Production company New Tales


Direction Katrine Glenhammer


Producer Jonathan Langelund


Editor David Wedel


Composer Nicolas Vetterli

Production design

Production designer Marianne Glenhammer
Set modelling Marianne Glenhammer
Assistant Sabine Glenhammer
Assistant Oliver Abrahamsen
Assistant Mathias Kjølby
Puppet builder Ida A. Jakobsen
Puppet builder assistant Camille Scudier
Puppet builder assistant Lasse Søndergaard


Sound designer Nicolas Vetterli

Visual effects

Consultant Johan Oettinger
Colourist Jian Zhi Zhang
VFX supervisor Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Illustrator Niels Glenhammer


Animator Christophe Peladan
Animator Sabine Lunderup Pedersen
Animator Anna Bonnen
Compositor Asger Kjærholm
Compositor Kasper K. Jensen
Compositor Maria Mouritsen
Compositor Emma Frøslev Lundsby
Compositor Aske Saltofte Lund

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