Under the old flag

Olaf Fønss, Denmark, 1932

51 min.DK/Short fictionPropaganda films

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Original title Under den gamle Fane
Danish title Under den gamle Fane
Other titles Frem mod nye tider
Keywords Social Democratic Party, The, Social realism, 1930-1939
Director Olaf Fønss
Screenplay Richard Lund
Director of Photography Christian Maagaard Christensen
Appearance Gerda Madsen, Sigurd Langberg, William Bewer, Semmy Henriques-Nielsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution AOF
Technical info 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 12.10.1932
Cinemas Folkets Hus
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Production company Palladium
Commissioned by Socialdemokratiet
Domestic distribution AOF


Direction Olaf Fønss


Script Richard Lund


Cinematography Christian Maagaard Christensen


Appearance Gerda Madsen
Appearance Sigurd Langberg
Appearance William Bewer
Appearance Semmy Henriques-Nielsen
Appearance Randi Michelsen
Appearance Svend Bille
Appearance Karen Lykkehus
Appearance Peter Nielsen
Appearance Robert Schmidt
Appearance Aage Fønss
Appearance Paul Rohde
Appearance Olaf Fønss
Appearance Leif Ørnberg
Appearance Hugo Bruun
Appearance Christian Eriksen
Appearance Christian Maagaard Christensen
Appearance Svend Bille

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