Underneath the Dark

Anita Mathal Hopland, Denmark, 2011

22 min.DK/DocumentaryFilm school films

The film is about the fear that will always be part of our lives, but if we accept it and examine it - can we then let go? This is a portrait of past fear in the moments of the present everyday life, that learns us to live with it.
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Original title Under mørket
Danish title Under mørket
Keywords Fear, Living conditions, Psychology
Director Anita Mathal Hopland
Director of Photography Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Editor Anders Albjerg Kristiansen
Sound Rune Bjerre Sand
Composer Morten Svenstrup
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole
Danish theatrical release 22.06.2011
Cinemas Dagmar, Metropol (Århus)
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole


Direction Anita Mathal Hopland


Production assistant Pardis Pourahmad
Production assistant Rania M. Tawfik


Cinematography Sturla Brandth Grøvlen


Editing Anders Albjerg Kristiansen


Music Morten Svenstrup


Sound Rune Bjerre Sand

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Anmeldelse Information Katrine Hornstrup Yde 2011-06-14
Anmeldelse Politiken-Fonden Dorte Hygum Soerensen 2011-06-11
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