Værelse til leje (oversigt)

Andrea Stief, Denmark, 2018

52 min.Series (fiction)

As Sofie turns 30, she begins to feel the pressure of having to settle down. Out of her increasing desperation, she begins using AirBnB as a dating portal - she simply sublets one of the rooms in her apartment to a new man (or woman) every weekend in her search for "the one." Why go out and search when you can just pick and choose future lovers online and have them come to you? Sofie's roommate and best friend, Naja, does not agree with this method of dating but still goes along with the project. After all, what are friends for?
Basic information Credits


Production company
Executive Producer Velvet Productions
With support from Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Andrea Stief
Consultant Martin Strange-Hansen


Writer (episode) Søren Christensen
Writer (episode) Johan Ask Pape
Writer (episode) Clara Mendes
Writer (episode) Marianne Lentz
Writer (episode) Nis Vinten


Producer Jasmine Hermann Naghizadeh
Production manager Esther Nissen
Unit manager Marie Louise Madelung
Unit manager Astrid Hoder
Unit manager Anemone Demirhan
Production assistant Anne Prytz Henriksen
Production assistant Liv Schou Overgaard
Production assistant Louise Stolt Askly
Production assistant Kasper Kristensen
Production assistant Amalie Sofie Müller


Cinematographer Morten Jensen
Cinematographer Julie Mørch Honoré
Cinematographer Valdemar Mørkeberg
First assistant camera Milan Bjørnild
First assistant camera Minik Bidstrup
First assistant camera Rie Skov
DIT Villads Liversage
DIT Sebastian Khanlo Nielsen
DIT Emilie Manon Klagenberg
DIT Mie Sofie Nielsen
Camera assistant Amanda Maite Goth Dissing


Still photographer Gitte Kobbernagel Krusbæk

Electrical dept.

Best boy Felics Pedersen
Best boy Karl Zaki
Best boy Ulrik Gani
Best boy Minik Bidstrup
Assistant lighting technician Mathias Thomsen
Assistant lighting technician Kasper Kristensen


Editor Mie Sofie Nielsen
Editor Malte Greis
Editor Ania de Sá

Production design

Production designer Camilla Lüders Weile
Production designer Marie Helmer Svendsen
Production designer Kenneth Damsgaard
Production designer Marie Myrhøj Jensen
Assistant set dresser Kasper Kristensen


Costume on set Nanna Gabriella
Costume on set Emilie Galsgaard Dinesen


Makeup artist Camilla Helene Davidsen
Makeup artist Heidi Tinghuus Petersen
Makeup artist Alberte Mikkelsen


Sound designer Jakob Strandgaard Davidsen
Sound designer Valdemar Blaakilde Fink
Sound designer Diana Queirós
Sound designer Jacob Langkjær Davidsen
Sound engineer Caroline Polke
Sound engineer Malthe Bjørn Jensen
Sound engineer Valdemar Blaakilde Fink

Visual effects

Graphic design Andrea Sofie Schenstrøm
Animator Kristoffer Rafn
Colourist Asbjørn Rosenlund
Art work Maja Worre Pedersen


Sofie Malene Beltoft Olsen
Nadja Christine Sander
Adam Thomas Ernst
Oliver Casper Sloth
Isabel Stephanie Nguyen
Jonas Nikolaj Groth
Charlie Nikolaj Bæk
Emilie Lilja Emilie Lilja
Nikolaj Mads Madsen

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