The Modern Girl

42 min.DK/FeatureDramaSilent films

Upon suddenly losing his fortune, the young Count Berner sets out for New York to try his luck there. With his winning nature and great drive, he quickly advances from being a stevedore to becoming a chauffeur for a well-known millionaire. But when he embarks on a relationship with the millionaire’s daughter Anny, he gets into trouble: another suitor of hers gets jealous and will stop at nothing to get Berner out of the way.
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Original title Vor Tids Dame
Danish title Vor Tids Dame
International titles Eine Dollarprinzessin
Other titles Adel og Penge
Director Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen
Screenplay Peter Lykke-Seest
Director of Photography Axel Graatkjær
Appearance Viking Ringheim, Clara Wieth, Valdemar Psilander, Lauritz Olsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Fotorama
Technical info 835 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 19.11.1912
Cinemas Panoptikon
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen


Script Peter Lykke-Seest


Cinematography Axel Graatkjær


Stevenson, Millionær Viking Ringheim
Anny, Stevensons Datter Clara Wieth
Hans v. Berner, Greve Valdemar Psilander
Pullman, Bankier Lauritz Olsen
Appearance Torben Meyer
Appearance Axel Boesen
Appearance Rigmor Jerichau
Tjener hos Stevensons Franz Skondrup
Auktionarius Frederik Jacobsen

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