Zezils verden

Cathrine Marchen Asmussen, Denmark, 2005

33 min.DK/DocumentaryPortrait films

Cecilie is 15 years old. She is in 9th grade at one of the foreign-enclave schools in Copenhagen. As a Dane she is part of a minority at school, so she is the foreigner. She used to be a nobody, but now she has become best friends with the Arab queens of the class, Tanja and Mia. The three girls are always together, but one day something comes between them.
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Original title Zezils verden
Danish title Zezils verden
Keywords Danes, The, Young people, , Friendship, Cultural differences
Director Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Screenplay Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Director of Photography Per Fredrik Skiöld
Editor Mikkel Sangstad
Sound Allan Holmberg
Composer Flemming Nordkrog
Production country Denmark
Production companies Cosmo Film Doc
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production companies Cosmo Film Doc


Direction Cathrine Marchen Asmussen


Script Cathrine Marchen Asmussen


Production Jakob Kirstein Høgel


Cinematography Per Fredrik Skiöld


Stills Stig Stasig
Stills Per Fredrik Skiöld


Editing Mikkel Sangstad


Music Flemming Nordkrog


Sound Allan Holmberg


Narrator Per Fredrik Skiöld

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Amsterdam, IDFA 2005-11-24
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