Erling Wolter

(1925 – 1998)

Title Year Function Category
Her bor jeg 1993 Direction, Appearance, Script, Cinematography, Editing, Animation DK/Documentary
Byggelegepladser - Børns ret til at lege 1982 Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound DK/Documentary
Sex-seeing in Copenhagen 1971 Direction, Script, Producer DK/Feature
Gladsaxe Kommune Arbejdernes Boligselskab 1968 Direction DK/Commercial
Høje Gladsaxe 1967 Production DK/Documentary
Julemærket 1959 1959 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Editing, Speaker comments DK/Documentary
Ingeborg Brams reads a poem by Grethe Heltberg 1958 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Masser af post 1958 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Dissektion af torsk 1958 Cinematography, Editing Non-fiction footage
Polio 1957 Direction, Script, Speaker comments DK/Documentary
The police dog Buller 1957 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Who are You? 1956 Cinematography DK/Documentary
To små chimpanser 1956 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Instruktion på arbejdspladsen 1956 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Skal drengen tvinges 1956 Script, Editing DK/Documentary
The lighthouse Skagen West 1956 Cinematography Non-fiction footage
Money by mail 1956 Idea DK/Documentary
Stampe i knibe 1955 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Editing DK/Documentary
A Criminal Case 1955 Assistant director DK/Short fiction
The danger of loading and unloading a ship 1955 Short version Documentary
Elephants in the countryside 1954 Direction, Production, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Day Care in Denmark 1954 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Rooks 1954 Editing DK/Documentary
Fra Færøernes fuglefjelde 1954 Editing Non-fiction footage
Omkring en sø i Island 1954 Editing DK/Documentary
The plover 1954 Editing DK/Documentary
De syngende hunde 1953 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Kvinder i civilforsvaret 1952 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Hugin - the viking ship 1949 Sound DK/Documentary