Gert Madsen

Title Year Function Category
Nine months - a decision-making process 1982 Editing, Sound DK/Documentary
Det er et spørgsmål om stil 1978 Editing DK/Documentary
Copper 1976 Sound DK/Feature
Well-Spring of My World 1976 Sound DK/Documentary
Den umulige time 1975 Sound mixer DK/Documentary
Dusan Makavejev 1974 Sound mixer DK/Documentary
Det lille teater i Kongens Have 1973 Production DK/Documentary
Skagen 72 1973 Sound DK/Documentary
Is the King Dead? 1973 Sound DK/Documentary
Alice i eventyrland 1972 Sound DK/Short fiction
Der er mange former 1971 Sound DK/Documentary
A Man 1971 Sound DK/Short fiction
Bourgeois happiness 1971 Sound DK/Short fiction
The 533th rocket squadron 1970 Sound DK/Documentary
Morten 1970 Sound DK/Short fiction
Notes on NATO 1969 Sound DK/Documentary
Med politiet i hælene 1969 Sound DK/Short fiction

As Gert Masn

Title Year Function Category
Cykelmyggens far 2016 Still photographer TV documentary
Litauen foråret 1990 1990 Editing DK/Documentary
Coeurs flambés 1986 Mand på skateboard DK/Feature
Valhalla 1986 Dialogue editor DK/Feature
Me and Charly 1978 Sound DK/Feature
The gangster's apprentice 1976 Sound DK/Feature
Brief Summer 1976 Sound DK/Feature
Prince Piwi 1974 Sound DK/Feature
Fætrene på Torndal 1973 Sound DK/Feature
Dear Irene 1971 Sound DK/Feature
Swedish Fly Girls 1971 Sound assistant Feature
Tintomara 1970 Sound DK/Feature