Mikael Salomon

(1945 – )

Title Year Function Category
The Lost Future 2010 Direction TV film
The Andromeda Strain 2008 Direction TV series
Flirting with Forty 2008 Direction TV film
The Company 2007 Direction TV series
Band of Brothers 2007 Direction TV series
Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King 2006 Direction TV series
Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor 2003 Direction TV film
Alias 2001 Direction TV series
Sole Survivor 2000 Direction
Hard Rain 1998 Direction Feature
Ghosts 1997 Creative supervisor Short fiction
Life Will Be Lived 1994 Cinematography DK/Documentary
A far off place 1993 Direction Feature
Far and Away 1992 Cinematography Feature
Backdraft 1991 Cinematography Feature
Arachnophobia 1990 Cinematography Feature
The Abyss 1989 Cinematography Feature
Always 1989 Cinematography Feature
Torch song trilogy 1988 Cinematography Feature
Peter von Scholten 1987 Cinematography, Still photographer DK/Feature
Een gang strømer... 1987 Cinematography TV series
Early Spring 1986 Cinematography DK/Feature
The Wolf at the Door 1986 Cinematography DK/Feature
De flyvende djævle 1985 Cinematography DK/Feature
Copenhagen Porcelain by Bing & Grøndahl 1980 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Med Danmarks regentpar i Kina 1979 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Kalule 1979 Cinematography DK/Documentary
At danse Bournonville 1979 Cinematography DK/Documentary
The baron 1978 Cinematography DK/Feature
Watch Your Back, Professor! 1977 Cinematography DK/Feature
The sharpshooter 1977 Cinematography DK/Feature
Nul-energihuset 1977 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Hearts are trump 1976 Cinematography DK/Feature
Copper 1976 Cinematography DK/Feature
Elvis! Elvis! 1976 Cinematography Feature
Det begyndte med Mathilde 1976 Cinematography TV film
Nothing But the Truth 1975 Cinematography DK/Feature
Violets are blue 1975 Cinematographer DK/Feature
The hottest show in town 1974 Cinematography Feature
Andersen, Hansen & Jensen 1973 Camera assistant DK/Documentary
Bedside highway 1972 Cinematography, Still photographer DK/Feature
Mazurka and the headmaster 1972 Cinematography DK/Feature
Køerne 1972 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Chinese Ping Pong 1972 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Long live The Queen, Margrethe II 1972 Cinematography DK/Documentary
24 Hours With Ilse 1971 Cinematography DK/Feature
Why? 1971 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Kid gang on the go 1971 Cinematography DK/Feature
Elvis: That's the Way It Is 1970 Editing Documentary
Five Get Into Trouble 1970 Cinematography DK/Feature
Tintomara 1970 Cinematography DK/Feature
Five go adventuring again 1969 Cinematography DK/Feature
Tumult 1969 Cinematography DK/Feature
Threesome 1969 Cinematography DK/Feature
Give Me a Kiss 1969 Cinematography DK/Experimental
Miss Julie 1970 1969 Cinematography DK/Experimental
It's Tough on Daddy 1968 Cinematography DK/Feature
Magic in town 1968 Cinematography DK/Feature
Never overtake if in doubt 1968 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Capriccio 1968 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Dreamers 1967 Cinematography DK/Feature
Me and My Kid Brother 1967 Cinematography DK/Feature
The missing letters 1967 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Princess Margrethe's Wedding Day 1967 Cinematography DK/Documentary
The judge 1966 Cinematography DK/Feature
Om ti minutter 1966 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Sisimiut 1966 Camera assistant DK/Documentary
Up He Goes! 1966 Still photographer DK/Feature
Living music - Carl Nielsen and His Time 1965 Camera assistant DK/Documentary
Sommerkrig 1965 Camera assistant DK/Short fiction
Når enden er go' 1964 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Mord for åbent tæppe 1964 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Meet the Danes 1963 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Housing problems 1963 Camera assistant DK/Documentary