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"Out of Love", the first documentary by awardwinning fiction director Birgitte Stærmose, is about the lives of Kosovar-Albanian street kids in Pristina. Roaming the richly atmospheric locations of Stærmose's Pristina, they recite monologues about their lives, memories and the challenges they face.


Telling his story of loss, fear and hope is one of the youths of Pristina in "Out of Love" Photo: Marek Septimus

In partnership with a local filmmaker Kaltrina Krasniqi, Stærmose made interviews with 11 street kids. The interviews were based on a far-ranging list of questions about the kids' every day concerns, as well as their memories about war. "The stories that are in the film are the stories they told us. Precisely because they are kids, their memories are really interesting. Children tend to notice other things than grownups do. They don't have the same filters. They just see something and register it. Their memories were a way to get some images of a war I hadn't experienced. Also, it was a way to get other more interesting images, than we usually get from the news media," says Stærmose.

"I didn't want the film to be about the children's personal situations, and I definitely did not want to make it about feeling sorry for them." – Birgitte Stærmose

"I didn't want the film to be about the children's personal situations, and I definitely did not want to make it about feeling sorry for them. This process involved finding ways to go against the sense of pity these kids initially evoke in you. Pity is one way of relating to them – it's a way of protecting yourself. Of course, you feel sorry for them and they are victims, but I didn't see the point in making a film about that. I wanted the film to deal with the human aspects of what was going on inside of them."

"The monologues also help shatter the impression that the children were telling their own private stories. I was never interested in presenting any one child's personal experience in the film. What I was interested in was their shared experience and their shared situation. Everyone is telling everyone's story. They have a shared history, and their stories have a lot of characteristics in common."

The above quotes are excerpts from the article Observation to Construction, by Eva Novrup Redvall, in the DFI-magazine FILM #67 Amsterdam



DFI writes
19.11.10 kl.09:48
Filmen Out of love – med den danske titel Ønskebørn – kommer på Filmstriben i begyndelsen af december måned.
På kan du se alle de danske kortfilm og dokumentarfilm. Nogle af dem kan du se derhjemmefra, hvis du benytter et login og et password, som du får fra dit lokale bibliotek. Alle filmene på Filmstriben kan desuden ses på de biblioteker som abonnerer på Filmstriben. God fornøjelse.
Fatos writes
18.11.10 kl.19:58
jeg er dansk statsborger og kommer oprindeligt fra Kosovo og er utroligt interesseret i at se filmen af Birgitte Stærmose 'Out of Love'.

Selvom jeg har deltaget i nogle mindre filmfestivaler her i DK i sommers, fx Odense Film Festival 10' er den forbigået min opmærksomhed.

Kan I fortælle mig hvordan jeg kan komme til at se filmen?

Med venlig hilsen
Fatos Kutllovci


Birgitte Stærmose

Born 1963, Denmark. M.F.A. in Film and Media Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia. Her previous work includes the awardwinning short films "Now, Look at Me" (2001), "Small Avalanches" (2003), "Letters from Denmark" (2006), "Principles of Attraction" (2006) and "Sophie" (2006). "Small Avalanches" was nominated for the UIP Prize for Best European Short at the European Film Awards. "Sophie" was screened in competition at Sundance, selected for New Directors/New Films and awarded the ARTE Prize. Stærmose's documentary "Out of Love" won the UIP Prize at Rotterdam and is selected for the Berlinale Generation. 2010: in production with her feature film debut
"Dagen derpå"/"The Morning After".

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Founded 2003 by director Christoffer Boe and producer Tine Grew Pfeiffer. Prior to this they produced their first feature "Reconstruction" (2003, produced by Nordisk Film), winner of Cannes Camera d'Or. Company's first film: "Allegro" (Christoffer Boe, 2005), and the experimental, low-budget film project entitled "OffScreen" (2006), an odd marriage of fiction and reality about a man filming himself for a whole year in a quest for invisibility. The film won the Altre Visioni Award in Venice. Titles 2009/2010: the documentary "Out of Love" by Birgitte Stærmose, chosen for Berlinale's Generation, the feature films "Everything Will be Fine" and "Beast" by directer Christoffer Boe.



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