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ONLINE ISSUE. Read about Andreas Johnsen's "Ai Weiwei The Fake Case" and Berit Madsen's "Sepideh" plus the other Danish films at IDFA 2013 in FILM Digital Issue for your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Andreas Johnsen got access to Ai Weiwei when the Chines dissident artist was freed on parole in 2011. Read about the resulting film, "Ai Weiwei The Fake Case", which offers an inside view of Ai Weiwei's constant battle with the authorities.

It took Johnsen a bit of creative thinking, some helpful contacts and a large scoopful of perseverance to connect with Ai Weiwei. Read the background story in our IDFA edition of FILM Digital Issue, which presents the eight titles invited to join the grand doc film fest in Amsterdam. 

FILM Digital Issue also includes a catalogue section, a Q&A about co-productions plus details on IDFA film screenings, people and companies.

Happy reading!

FILM Digital Issue IDFA 2013

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