Mads Mikkelsen in EFA limelight

HONOUR. The European Film Awards honour Mads Mikkelsen for his "unique contribution to the world of film". The EFA awards ceremony will be held on 3 December in Berlin.


Mads Mikkelsen plays a physician to the deranged King Christian VII of Denmark in Nikolaj Arcel's "A Royal Affair", set to release in Spring 2012. Photo: Jiri Hanzn

"There is very little to say when you are honoured with an award of this calibre other than that I am deeply grateful," Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen replied from the set of the Franco-German co-production "Michael Kohlhaas" as the European Film Academy presented him with the award celebratinig his "unique contribution to the world of film".

Mads Mikkelsen, who has featured in a host of international co-production over the past years, continued:

"Seeing the list of former recipients, all giants, and realising that people outside my family keep an eye on my work, makes me accept this award with great humbleness and a big smile."

The European Film Academy lauds Mikkelsen for his performances in Danish films as well as his international achievements. Mikkelsen had his breakthrough in Nicolas Winding Refn's "Pusher" and went on to pivotal roles in films by Anders Thomas Jensen ("The Green Butchers"), Academy Award winner Susanne Bier ("After the Wedding"), and Ole Christian Madsen ("Flame & Citron"). In 2006 he became a rising star in the international film world set off by his role as Le Chiffre in the Bond movie "Casino Royale".

Mads Mikkelsen will be an honorary guest at the European Film Awards ceremony on 3 December in Berlin.  



Theresa LaSalle writes
27.10.11 kl.03:17
Breathless...that what he makes me.
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