Elith Nulle Nykjær Jørgensen

/B. 1937


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Film Year Function Category
Never Again a Tomorrow 2017 Bentes mand Ole DK/Feature
Cykelmyggens far 2016 Appearance TV documentary
People Get Eaten 2015 Flemming DK/Feature
Mini and the Mozzies 2014 Musician DK/Feature
The Great Bear 2011 Voice DK/Feature
Freedom on parole 2010 Sømmet DK/Feature
Oldboys 2009 Erling DK/Feature
Oneway-ticket to Korsør 2008 Damgaard DK/Feature
Ledsaget udgang 2007 Sømmet DK/Feature
Max 2007 Finn, hjemløs TV series
Mrs Eilersen And Mehmet 2006 Gartneren DK/Short fiction
The Leap 2005 Ældre herre i bus DK/Feature
What's wrong with this picture? 2004 Script DK/Feature
Livshunger 2002 Appearance TV series
Break your bounds 2000 Sigfred DK/Feature
Gone with the fish 1999 Script DK/Feature
Royal blues 1997 Script DK/Short fiction
Mathias 1991 Appearance TV film
Closing time 1988 Music DK/Feature
Een gang strømer... 1987 Appearance TV series
Årets længste dag 1984 Hr. Hansen / Jørgensen TV film
Bamses billedbog 1983 Screenplay TV series
Torvet 1981 Appearance TV series
Flid, fedt og snyd 1981 Screenplay TV series
Jul og grønne skove 1980 Direction TV series
The baron 1978 Appearance DK/Feature
Prince Piwi 1974 Altmuligmand Elo Tørveballe DK/Feature
Mor, jeg har patienter 1972 Kontrollør DK/Feature
Quiet days in Clichy 1970 Set designer DK/Feature
Hele den tyrkiske musik 1970 Art director TV series
Oh Me, Oh My! 1969 Appearance DK/Feature
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