Obaidah Zytoon

Radio host, director. Born 1976 in Syria. Obaidah Zytoon studied English literature at the University of Damascus before becoming a radio host and producer, working both in Syria and internationally.

In 2008, Zytoon produced her first documentary film, "Through Women's Eyes." Following the 2011 Syrian uprising, she co-founded the Syrian artist-activist collective Waw Al-Wasel, producing multi-media art and short films related to the Syrian conflict. She has also coached and trained young Syrians entering media and radio production.

"The War Show" (2016) is Zytoon's first film as a director, made with Andreas Dalsgaard. The film premiered at Venice Days, where it won the top Venice Days Award, and was selected for Toronto and IDFA.


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Film Year Function Category
The War Show 2016 Direction DK/Documentary

Awards and nominations

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Award Release year Festivals Film
Dragon Award For Best Nordic Documentary 2017 Göteborg International Film Festival 2017 The War Show
Grand Jury Award 2017 Geneve, Forum on Human Rights 2017 The War Show
Best Feature Film 2017 Murcia, Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia 2017 The War Show
Jury Prize 2016 Venice Days 2016 The War Show
Best Human Rights Documentary Awad 2016 Bergen International Film festival 2016 The War Show
Student Jury Award 2016 Paris, Signes de Nuit 2016 The War Show

Festival screenings

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Festivals Festival date Film
München Documentary Festival 04-05-2017 The War Show
Linz, Crossing Europe Film Festival 25-04-2017 The War Show
Sao Paulo It's All True Int. Documentary FF 20-04-2017 The War Show
Hong Kong International Film Festival 11-04-2017 The War Show
Geneve, Forum on Human Rights 10-03-2017 The War Show
Tempo Dokumentärfestival 06-03-2017 The War Show
Prague, One World Human Rights Film Festival 06-03-2017 The War Show
Murcia, Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia 06-03-2017 The War Show
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 03-03-2017 The War Show
Columbia, True/False Film Festival 02-03-2017 The War Show
ZagrebDox 26-02-2017 The War Show
Istanbul Festival of Independent Films 16-02-2017 The War Show
Göteborg International Film Festival 27-01-2017 The War Show
Dubai International Film Festival 07-12-2016 The War Show
Paris, Signes de Nuit 24-11-2016 The War Show
Amsterdam, IDFA 16-11-2016 The War Show
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 11-11-2016 The War Show
Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animation 31-10-2016 The War Show
Mumbai Film Festival 20-10-2016 The War Show
Warszawa, Against Gravity 16-10-2016 The War Show
London Film Festival 07-10-2016 The War Show
Reykjavik Film Festival 29-09-2016 The War Show
Bergen International Film festival 20-09-2016 The War Show
Toronto International Film Festival 08-09-2016 The War Show
Venice Days 31-08-2016 The War Show
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The War Show opens Venice Days (31. august 2016)
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