On writing for film and TV: How to play it safe!

Diversity. Danish dramatists have created a satirical guide as a means to create awareness of gender stereotypes in film and television.

"Remember that stories about men are always about something universal, like humankind. Whilst stories with a female lead are always specifically about her life. Most often about her longing for a man."

Tongue-in-cheek advice such as this make up the list of 40 points in the ManusFestet, a satirical manifesto created by the Danish Playwrights’ and Screenwriters’ Guild "to all of us who want to write films or/and TV series that achieve funding from the Film Institute and the TV stations and make people feel safe".

The aim of the guide from 2018 is to build awareness about gender steretypes and clichés in films and series, ultimately to encourage gender equality in audiovisual storytelling. 

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