Caught Between Two Worlds

IDFA Forum / Round Table. It's been nearly a decade since we first met Sommai, Kae and Basit, three Thai women arriving in a small, windswept village in Denmark to find husbands.

Now, in "Between Two Worlds", director Janus Metz is back to record their lives and the effect their decision to leave their home in Thailand has had on them and their loved ones.

Sommai lives by the North Sea in Denmark and heads a wide network of mail-order brides from Thailand who are married to Danish men. She was the first Thai to arrive in the area and ever since she has been helping her "sisters" make the same journey.

Set in Thailand and Denmark, and centring on Sommai, "Between Two Worlds" follows four married couples over 10 years in a drama about globalisation seen from the perspective of marriage migration.

The unique time frame of the filming has made it possible to portray the changes in the characters' lives as well as the changes happening in Thailand and Denmark. We witness dreams meeting reality and actions having consequences.

"Between Two Worlds" is a documentary project embracing four individual films and a feature-length documentary. Back in 2008, Janus Metz released "Love on Delivery" and "Ticket to Paradise", about Sommai and her endeavour to help Thai women. Returning to the same characters, he is now making "Seven Years Later" and "A World Apart" from all new material. Finally, "Between Two Worlds" is based on the material of all four individual films.

Like its predecessors, the new films are made in close collaboration with anthropologist Sine Plambech, whose internationally recognised fieldwork among marriage migrants and sex workers is the backbone of the project.

"Between Two Worlds" is produced by Henrik Veileborg for Upfront Films and Metz Film.