Scandi-thrill draws crowds

BOX OFFICE SEP-OCT. "The Keeper of Lost Causes" hit the big screen on 3 October and took 120,522 admissions during its opening weekend, which is the second-best opening in more than ten years. Looking at September, "Sex, Drugs & Taxation" was the most popular pick among Danish audiences.

With 120,522 tickets sold since its domestic release on 3 October, Mikkel Nørgaard's thriller "The Keeper of Lost Causes" nearly matched the opening weekend in 2010 of the director's first feature film, "Klown", which landed on 140,302 tickets. Both films are produced by Zentropa's Louise Vesth.

Another impressive opening in 2013 was, in January, for Thomas Vinterberg's "The Hunt", which took a total of 119,349 admissions during its first weekend.

Nørgaard's Scandi-thrill opened internationally at the Locarno International Film Festival in August and is sold to more than 35 countries including key territories such as Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Australia and China, sales agent Trustnordisk reports.

Also released on 3 Thursday was Ask Hasselbalch's children's film "Antboy", selling 21,681 tickets during its first four days in theatres

September in favour of two eccentrics

Looking further back to September's box-office charts, Christoffer Boe's "Sex, Drugs & Taxation" had 275,000 Danes watch the story of two eccentrics and their friendship unfolding in the 1960s. Still running in theatres, the film has now reached more than 300,000 tickets.

In September, tickets sold to American films amounted to 64 percent of all tickets sold, with Raja Gosnell's "The Smurfs 2" as the most popular choice with 123,000 admissions.

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