Upcoming Danish features

UPCOMING. A wide range of feature films are premiering this spring and summer. Colonial history and the complicated nature of life, love, family and friendship are among the themes in the upcoming Danish releases.

Christina Rosendahl's political thriller The Idealist was released in Denmark on 9 April and enjoyed warm reviews from domestic critics. Next in line is Frederikke Aspöck's drama Rosita, followed in May by two feature film debuts: May el-Toukhy's Long Story Short and Samanou Acheche Sahlstrøm's already award-winning In Your Arms. Finally, director Daniel Dencik's first feature film, Gold Coast, premieres in July.

The Idealist: High-stake Politics

Christina Rosendahl's second feature film "The Idealist" is a political thriller based on true events. After her feature debut "Triple Dare" and several acclaimed documentaries and shorts, Rosendahl's new film delves into one of the most hushed-up chapters of Danish Cold War history involving a plane crash with toxic consequences.

The film is a tale of power, idealism and one man's courage to expose the true events during the Cold War. "The Idealist" is produced by Toolbox Film. Domestic release on 9 April.


Rosita: Drama between Father and Son

Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, winner of a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for his big screen debut in "A Royal Affair," takes the lead in Frederikke Aspöck's second film, "Rosita." Følsgaard plays Johannes who lives a quiet life with his father Ulrik in a fishing village. Ulrik feels lonely, and in the need for love he arranges for the young and beautiful Philippine Rosita to arrive – as many men from the town have done before him. Reluctantly Johannes gets drawn into the relationship as Ulrik's translator. As time goes by Johannes and Rosita get more involved with each other, and Johannes is forced to take responsibility for his life and dreams.

The film is scripted by Kim Fupz Aakeson ("In Order of Disappearance") and is produced by Nordisk Film. Danish release on 16 April.


Long Story Short: Bittersweet Romance

In her first feature, May el-Toukhy takes a closer look at our concepts of true love and how many of us enter into a relationship full of hope but end the journey in disappointment and break-ups.

"Long Story Short" follows Ellen and her friends, all in their late thirties and early forties, and their complicated love lives and longing for romantic redemption. The film is a summary of three years of highs and lows told through eight chapters, each set at a party: a New Year's Eve, a housewarming, a Midsummer's Eve, a wedding, a surprise party, a naming ceremony, an anniversary and finally a birthday.

Ellen is played by Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt. Jens Albinus, Trine Dyrholm, Danica Curcic and Marijana Jankovic feature as her friends. "Long Story Short" is produced by Miso Film and has a release date set for 7 May.


In Your Arms: Journey with a Dead Man

Maria is a young and caring nurse who wants to break free. Niels is an incurable patient who wants to travel to Switzerland to commit assisted suicide. Together they embark on an intense journey that will bring them closer to each other, but also closer to their dreams.

Director Samamou Acheche Shalstrøm's feature film debut took home the Dragon Award for best feature film and the film critics' FIPRESCI Award at Göteborg International Film Festival in January.

The film stars Peter Plaugborg as Niels and Lisa Carlehed as the nurse Maria. "In Your Arms" is produced by Meta Film with support from the Danish Film Institute's talent scheme New Danish Screen and is running in Danish theatres from 21 May. 

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Gold Coast: A Chapter of Denmark's Colonial History

In 1836 the Danish botanist and visionary Frederik Wulff leaves on a royal mission to supervise a coffee plantation on Africa's Gold Coast (now Ghana). Soon, his best intentions and Christian beliefs are tested by the harsh realities of slave trading and violence.

Daniel Dencik's first fiction feature is an epic drama of love and faith, shedding light on a neglected chapter of Danish colonial history.

The film stars Jacob Oftebro as Wulff and Danica Curcic as a young missionary. Made in collaboration with local Ghanaian filmmakers, "Gold Coast" is produced by Haslund/Dencik Entertainment. The film is set for a domestic release on 2 July.

guldkystenDaniel Dencik's "Gold Coast" will screen in theatres from 2 July. Framegrab