Can Our Thoughts Heal Us?

Thomas Breinholt, Denmark, 2021

87 min.Series (documentary)

More than 800.000 people in Denmark suffer from chronic pain. Pills are the most common treatment. But are there other options? The series follows journalist Thomas Breinholt, whose always been interested in alternative healing, as he investigates whether these methods work. Breinholt visits Danes, who have seemingly lessened their pain through techniques such as meditation, and explores how these techniques can help us. In other words, he finds out whether our thoughts can heal us.
Basic information Credits
Original title Kan man tænke sig rask?
Danish title Kan man tænke sig rask?
Director Thomas Breinholt
Director of Photography Bo Tengberg, Nicklas Glad Korgaard, Andreas Carbel, Rasmus Lauritsen, Janus Veile, Lau Thoft Haslund, Joaquim Brito
Editor Johannes Fonnesberg, Martin Gleerup
Sound Thorsten Larsen
Appearance Casper Philipson, Gina Marchwinski, Nicolai Dahl Hamilton, Donald Andersen
Production country Denmark
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Production company
Executive Producer TV2 Danmark, The Compound
With support from Public Service Puljen


Direction Thomas Breinholt


Editor Martin Sundstrøm
Editorial board Charlotte Lønstrup
Editorial board Pernille Moe
Editorial board Siri Philippa Hollmén Olesen
Editorial board Julie Rode Nygaard
Editorial board Charlotte Bilstrup
Editorial board Henrik Bjerring
Production manager Josefine Feldballe Petersen
Executive producer Lars Feldballe Petersen
TV2 editor Troels Jørgensen


Cinematographer Bo Tengberg
Cinematographer Nicklas Glad Korgaard
Cinematographer Andreas Carbel
Cinematographer Rasmus Lauritsen
Cinematographer Janus Veile
Cinematographer Lau Thoft Haslund
Cinematographer Joaquim Brito


Editor Johannes Fonnesberg
Editor Martin Gleerup


Sound designer Thorsten Larsen

Visual effects

Graphic design Lars Gregers


Appearance Casper Philipson
Appearance Gina Marchwinski
Appearance Nicolai Dahl Hamilton
Appearance Donald Andersen
Appearance David Bateson

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