Dreaming Arizona

Jon Bang Carlsen, Denmark, 2022

88 min.DK/Documentary

In the Arizona desert, along Route 66, we find an all American small-town, Winslow. At the town’s high school, we meet five teenagers, each with their own dream of the future. Like all teenagers around the world, they are in a transition where they have to shape their own lives, find a way out of childhood and create a new identity as adults. Their desire for freedom is strong, and there are consequences when parents, society or their own conscience restrict it.
Basic information Credits
Original title Dreaming Arizona
Danish title Dreaming Arizona
Keywords USA, Arizona, Young people, Teater, Dreams, Identity, Emotions, Upbringing, 2020-2030
Director Jon Bang Carlsen
Screenplay Jon Bang Carlsen
Producer Heidi Elise Christensen, Signe Byrge Sørensen
Production country Denmark
Comment Film director, Jon Bang Carlsen, examines the teenagers’ basic need to stage their own lives as the documentary imperceptibly seeps into fiction. Together with the main characters, the director has created some imaginary life paths and thereby our teenagers comment on their own situation, the audiences’ anticipations and the director's vision. Jon Bang Carlsen is one of Denmark's finest filmmakers with a long career behind him and probably ahead of him too. He was one of the first documentary filmmakers in Denmark to challenge the whole idea of the observational documentary / cinema verité. His method involves deep research of location and work with the characters. This is followed by script writing based on his observations, and finally he restages their lives in scenes according to the script. This is also the chosen method for this film.
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Production company Final Cut for Real ApS


Direction Jon Bang Carlsen


Screenplay Jon Bang Carlsen


Producer Heidi Elise Christensen
Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen

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