B.O.Y - Bruises Of Yesterday

Søren Green, Denmark, 2023

92 min.DK/FeatureDrama

16-year-old Tobias is forced by his absent mother to spend the summer with his grandparents on a small island. His grandfather takes care of his dementia-sick wife while working fulltime as a glazier. Tobias meets and falls in love with Aron, a local 25-year-old painter, who is also attracted to him. Tobias is not used to receiving love and attention from home, so the unfamiliar affection Aron offers is difficult for him to handle. Every time Aron gets close, Tobias pushes him away.
When a tragedy strikes, Tobias returns to old habits of self-loathing and self-harm, as it gives him an inner peace, he can't find anywhere else. Dark thoughts threaten to destroy his mental health and his relationship with everyone around him. Tobias moves further and further into the physical pain, as he thinks, he deserves it. Feeling completely abandoned he embarks on an emotional and dangerous journey.
Basic information Credits
Original title Glasskår
Danish title Glasskår
Director Søren Green
Screenplay Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Søren Green
Producer Pelle Folmer, Morten Holst, Per Holst
Director of Photography Stephanie Stål Axelgård
Editor Ida Bregninge
Sound Mathias Schmidt, Rune Klausen
Composer Buster Jensen, Jonas Holst Schmidt
Production designer Jeanett Brahe
Appearance Noa Viktor Risbro Hjerrild, Jens Jørn Spottag, Alexander Larsen, Bodil Jørgensen
Production country Denmark
International sales LevelK ApS
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Production company Asta Film ApS


Direction Søren Green


Screenplay Tomas Lagermand Lundme
Screenplay Søren Green


Producer Pelle Folmer
Producer Morten Holst
Producer Per Holst


Cinematographer Stephanie Stål Axelgård

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Joe McCrae


Editor Ida Bregninge


Composer Buster Jensen
Composer Jonas Holst Schmidt

Production design

Production designer Jeanett Brahe


Key costumer Marianne Elgaard Bendtsen
Key costumer Mie Steenberg Andersen Drud


Chief makeup artist Vibeke Koch Henningsen


Sound engineer Mathias Schmidt
Sound designer Rune Klausen


Appearance Noa Viktor Risbro Hjerrild
Appearance Jens Jørn Spottag
Appearance Alexander Larsen
Appearance Bodil Jørgensen
Appearance Christopher Læssø

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