Per Holst

(1939 – )

Producer. Born 28/3 1939. At a young age Holst started working in the commercials department at Nordisk Film. In 1965 he founded his own production company, Per Holst Film, where he continued producing commercials but also started working with feature films.

Besides a large number of feature films Holst has produced countless commercials, short films and television. Moreover a number of danish films greatest talents started their careers based on advice from Holst including Bille August, Nils Malmros, Morten Arnfred, Jonas Elmer and Lars von Trier.

Per Holst was CEO at Nordisk Film from 1991 to 2002 and later founded the production companies PH3 and Astafilm in 2002. Between 2000 and 2005 he was Chairman of the Board at The European Film College.

Title Year Function Category
B.O.Y - Bruises Of Yesterday 2023 Producer DK/Feature
What a Circus! 2017 Producer DK/Feature
Walk with Me 2016 Producer DK/Feature
Cykelmyggens far 2016 Producer TV documentary
Max Embarrassing Goes to the Festival 2012 Producer DK/Feature
Max Embarrassing 2 2011 Producer, Trailer editor DK/Feature
Simon & the oaks 2011 Producer Feature
Brotherhood 2010 Producer DK/Feature
Simon & Malou 2009 Producer consultant DK/Feature
Max the movie 2008 Producer DK/Feature
Jungledyret Hugo 3 - fræk, flabet og fri 2007 Production, Executive producer DK/Feature
Evergreen 2007 Production DK/Short fiction
The black madonna 2007 Producer DK/Feature
The ugly duckling and me 2006 Idea DK/Feature
Ondskan 2003 Co-producer Feature
I Am Dina 2002 Producer Feature
Monas verden 2001 Associate producer DK/Feature
Grev Axel 2001 Co-producer DK/Feature
Juliane 2000 Production DK/Feature
Gone with the fish 1999 Production DK/Feature
Two penny dance 1999 Production DK/Feature
Janes drøm 1999 Production TV documentary
Klinkevals - Juliane 1999 Executive producer TV series
Bag om Svendsen 1999 Producer DK/Documentary
The Man with the Tuba 1999 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen 1999 Co-producer Feature
Det store flip 1997 Production DK/Feature
Royal Blues 1997 Production, Producer DK/Short fiction
Let's Get Lost 1997 Producer DK/Feature
Barbara 1997 Producer DK/Feature
Strisser på Samsø 1997 Producer TV series
Jungledyret Hugo 2 - den store filmhelt 1996 Production DK/Feature
All Things Fair 1995 Executive producer DK/Feature
The monkeys and the secret weapon 1995 Producer, Dramaturge consultant DK/Feature
Flemming og Berit 1994 Producer TV series
Jungle Jack 1993 Producer DK/Feature
Pain of Love 1992 Production DK/Feature
The Hideaway 1991 Production DK/Feature
Casanova 1990 Production, Tysk mand DK/Feature
War of the birds 1990 Production DK/Feature
Sirup 1990 Production DK/Feature
Århus by night 1989 Production DK/Feature
Huller i suppen 1988 Production DK/Feature
The Redtops 1988 Production DK/Feature
Pelle the Conqueror 1987 Executive producer DK/Feature
Coeurs flambés 1986 Production DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo - up on daddy's hat 1985 Direction, Script, Production DK/Feature
Robotten er blød 1985 Script DK/Documentary
Ophelia Comes to Town 1985 Production, Producer DK/Feature
The boy who disappeared 1984 Production DK/Feature
Twist and Shout 1984 Production, Producer DK/Feature
Children of the future 1984 Production DK/Documentary
The element of crime 1984 Executive producer DK/Feature
Beauty and the Beast 1983 Production DK/Feature
Zappa 1983 Production DK/Feature
Stål og Tråd A/S 1982 Direction DK/Short fiction
One glance is enough 1982 Direction, Screenplay DK/Documentary
The Tree of Knowledge 1981 Production DK/Feature
The return of Captain Klyde 1980 Direction, Production DK/Feature
The baron 1978 Appearance DK/Feature
Diving for beginners 1976 Production DK/Documentary
Sacked! 1973 Direction, Script, Executive producer DK/Feature
Robin Hood 1973 Director: Danish version Feature
Køerne 1972 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Bennys badekar 1971 Production DK/Short fiction
The Top and the Ball 1969 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Short fiction
Flygtning 1963 Production DK/Documentary
Inden for murene - en film om Berlingske Annoncecenter Script DK/Documentary