War of the birds

Jannik Hastrup, Denmark, 1990

68 min.DK/FeatureChildren''s films, Animation

Fagin is the bad bird of an otherwise idyllic forest. He assaults the nest of two wrens and destroys all their eggs except one that, when hatched, is adopted by an owl (patterned on W. C. Fields). A counter-offensive against Fagin is launched with help enlisted from a seagull named Armstrong, two nice mice and a sparrow. There is romance, too, and a jazzy score goes with this animated ornithology extravaganza.
Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven
Danish title Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven
Other titles Fuglekrigen
Director Jannik Hastrup
Screenplay Bent Haller
Based on Bent Hallers børnebog "Fuglekrigen" (1979).
Director of Photography Jakob Koch, Hasse Christensen, David Lamhauge
Sound Niels Arild
Composer Fuzzy, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Kærne Film
Technical info 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Dolby
Danish theatrical release 28.09.1990
Cinemas Roskilde, Odense, Horsens, Esbjerg, Herning, Vejle, Århus, Aalborg, Palads, BioTrio, Bio Lyngby, Næstved Bio, Svendborg, Kolding, Sønderborg, Albertslund Biograferne
TV release 25.12.1993, TV 2
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Per Holst Filmproduktion, Dansk Tegnefilm
Domestic distribution Kærne Film


Direction Jannik Hastrup


Script Bent Haller
Storyboard Jannik Hastrup


Production Per Holst
Production manager Marie Bro


Cinematographer Jakob Koch
Cinematographer Hasse Christensen
Cinematographer David Lamhauge


Music Fuzzy
Music Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
Singing Povl Dissing
Singing Eva Laumann
Singing Ann Farholt
Singing Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
Singing Misen Larsen


Sound Niels Arild
Sound assistant Lars Lund
Sound assistant Tone Tarding
Foley artist Pauline Griffith
Dialogue recording Martin Schmidt


Oliver som lille Emil Tarding
Oliver som stor Lasse Jonsson
Olivia som lille Sofie Bredesen
Olivia som stor Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg
Ingolf Kasper Stilling Fønss
Frederik Tine Karrebæk
Uglen Tommy Kenter
Betty Lisbet Dahl
Fagin Claus Ryskjær
Armstrong Per Pallesen
Duen Vigga Bro
Skade Anne Marie Helger
Skade Ove Sprogøe
Papegøjen Pernille Hansen
Gadefugl Helle Ryslinge
Gadefugl Per Tønnes Nielsen

Visual effects

Colorstyler Tine Karrebæk
Graphic design Bigita Faber
Colorstyler Tine Karrebæk
Colorstyler Pulsk Ravn
Colorstyler Camilla Draiby
Colorstyler Lone Valentin
Colorstyler Berit Nybirk
Colorstyler Christine Butler
Colorstyler Karoline Leistiko
Colorstyler Sia Hostrup Larsen
Colorstyler Jonas Wagner
Colorstyler Elisa Kristiansen
Colorstyler Søren Martinsen
Colorstyler Tone Tarding
Colorstyler Mai Britt Hastrup
Colorstyler Josephine Høyrup
Colorstyler Ditte Brink
Colorstyler Inge Jørgensen
Colorstyler Britt Larsson
Colorstyler Maj-Britt Almskov
Colorstyler Lars Horneman
Colorstyler Hanne Hastrup


Animation Nancy Carrig
Animation Bent Nielsen
Animation Martin Poulsen
Animation Asta Sigurdardóttir
Animation Flemming Jensen
Animation Per Tønnes Nielsen
Animation Ulrik Sieverts
Animation Liller Møller
Animation Karsten Kiilerich
Animation Hans Perk
Animation Georges Stoyanoff
Animation Harry Rasmussen
Animation Walther Lehmann
Animation Michael Helmuth Hansen
Background designer Bigita Faber
Layout Marie Embalo
Layout Ole Bidstrup
Illustrator Tine Karrebæk
Illustrator Tinna Jespersen
Illustrator Sidse Pipi Andersen
Illustrator Rigmor Tokerød
Illustrator Søren Larsen
Illustrator Sara Koppel
Illustrator Lise Urwald
Illustrator Kirsten Skytte

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