Helle Ryslinge

(1944 – )

Born 1944, Denmark. Trained as a teacher. A prominent figure on the left-wing stage of the 1970s and 1980s. As writer-director, she combines comedy with satirical comment in many of her films. Has also received appraisal as an actress and has appeared in numerous productions throughout the years.

Her feature film debut, the gender satire "Flamberede hjerter"/"Coeurs flambés" (1986), brought her immediate success and scored sky-high with the audience and critics alike. She received Best Screenplay at Venice for "Sirup" (1990), her second feature. In "Halalabad Blues" (2002), Ryslinge explores the Danish immigrant debate in a story about a Turkish-Danish love affair. "Larger than Life" (2003), a warm and colourful tribute to Bombay''s Bollywood, is her first documentary.

Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
People Get Eaten 2015 Fru Petersen DK/Feature
Nandini 2006 Direction, Script, Production, Cinematography, Stills, Editing DK/Documentary
Fru Eilersen og Mehmet 2006 Fru Moser DK/Short fiction
Larger than life 2003 Direction, Appearance, Script, Sound, Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Halalabad blues 2002 Direction, Script, Kunde i butik DK/Feature
The Blue Munk 1998 Bartender DK/Feature
TAXA 1997 Servitrice TV series
Ølaben 1996 Direction, Appearance, Script, Editing DK/Short fiction
Carlo and Ester 1994 Direction, Script, Hanne, Carlos svigerdatter DK/Feature
Gigolo 1993 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Fish out of water 1993 Oda DK/Feature
Jungle Jack 1993 Voice DK/Feature
The Hideaway 1991 Vred dame DK/Feature
War of the birds 1990 Gadefugl DK/Feature
Sirup 1990 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Spring Tide 1990 Festdeltager DK/Feature
Happiness is a curious catch 1989 Lotta, hendes mor DK/Feature
Retfærdighedens rytter 1989 Rokokodame i baggård DK/Short fiction
Tootsiepops and Candyfloss 1987 Dame i Damhustivoli DK/Feature
Coeurs flambés 1986 Direction, Script, Appearance DK/Feature
Women''s life in Mocambiques 1984 Voice DK/Documentary
Ladies on the rocks 1983 Script, Music, Micha DK/Feature
Torvet 1981 Tyv TV series
Stab in the heart 1981 Music, Lillian, psykologistuderende DK/Feature
Belladonna 1981 Lulu, den gale kvinde DK/Feature
Rubber Tarzan 1981 "Jane" DK/Feature
The thralls'' children 1980 Voice DK/Feature
Black Pete - no, you''re it 1980 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Achilleshælen er mit våben 1979 Maria DK/Feature
Side om side for rødt 1977 Karen TV film
Veronica''s veil 1977 Appearance DK/Experimental
Well-Spring of My World 1976 Appearance DK/Documentary
The gangster''s apprentice 1976 Appearance DK/Feature
Blomster til Mona 1974 Mona, Music TV film
Prince Piwi 1974 Hippie-pige, Singing DK/Feature
The Girl and the Dream Castle 1974 Hippie-pige DK/Feature