123 min.TV series

Everything is going great for Nanna. She attends the perfect school and has the perfect boyfriend. But one night in the theatre, Nanna is confronted with the fact that she never had an orgasm. The humiliation of seemingly being the only one who fakes it makes Nanna feel ashamed. When everybody else can get an orgasm, why can’t she? When her boyfriend catches her faking, the issues in the otherwise perfect relationship start piling up, but Nanna can no longer suppress her needs. She opens her senses to the world and must cross her own and her surroundings’ boundaries to learn how to put herself first. In the end she discovers that an orgasm is not something you get, but something you take.
Basic information Credits
Original title Killjoy
Danish title Killjoy
Director Emma Sehested Høeg, Jennifer Vedsted Christansen
Producer Claudia Saginario
Director of Photography Phillip Jørgensen
Editor Linda Man
Sound Catrine le Dous
Composer Emma Sehested Høeg
Production designer Petruska Miehe-Renard
Appearance Emma Sehested Høeg, Gustav Dyekjær Giese, Siff Vintersol, Olivia Joof
Production country Denmark
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Production company Uma Film
With support from Public Service Puljen
In collaboration with TV2 Zulu


Direction Emma Sehested Høeg
Direction Jennifer Vedsted Christansen
Technical director Svend Colding


Main screenwriter Jennifer Vedsted Christansen
Main screenwriter Emma Sehested Høeg


Line producer Marie-Louise Gyldenkrone
Producer Claudia Saginario
Executive producer Lea Løbger


Cinematographer Phillip Jørgensen


Editor Linda Man


Composer Emma Sehested Høeg

Production design

Production designer Petruska Miehe-Renard


Stylist Anna Carli Holmgren


Sound designer Catrine le Dous


Appearance Emma Sehested Høeg
Appearance Gustav Dyekjær Giese
Appearance Siff Vintersol
Appearance Olivia Joof

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