A Storm Foretold

Christoffer Guldbrandsen, Denmark, 2021

90 min.DK/Documentary

The United States of America. It is Wednesday, January 6, 2021. A historic election campaign has divided the country. Now, US congressmen are gathered in parliament at the Capitol. They are about to approve the election result and declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election.
Meanwhile, less than a mile away, the outgoing Donald Trump is speaking. Thousands of his followers are gathered. Power has been stolen, Trump repeats from the rostrum. He urges the crowd to march towards Capitol to protest. A few hours later, 5 people are killed and 141 wounded.
With Trump's political godfather, Roger Stone, as the film's central character the film documents how Trump's presidential period had to find its logical end point in The Storm at the Capitol.
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Original title A Storm Foretold
Danish title A Storm Foretold
Director Christoffer Guldbrandsen
Screenplay Christoffer Guldbrandsen
Producer Henrik Veileborg
Director of Photography Frederik Marbell, René Sascha Johannsen
Editor David Rosenquist, Steen Johannesen, Rasmus Steensgaard Madsen
Sound Kristian Eidnes
Composer Kristian Eidnes
Appearance Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Alex Jones
Production country Denmark
Production company Guldbrandsen Film
International sales Submarine Entertainment
Comment Christoffer Guldbrandsen has a track record of prize winning political documentaries. Fogh bag facaden (2003), Lykketoft Finale (2005), Den hemmelige krig (2006), Dagbog fra Midten (2009), The president (2011), Stealing Africa (2012).
In this new documentary Guldbrandsen sets out to follow the "Make America Great Again" movement to understand who they are and what they want, and ends up being a close wittness of the historical events at the centre stage of American democracy.
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Production company Guldbrandsen Film


Direction Christoffer Guldbrandsen


Screenplay Christoffer Guldbrandsen
Research Omer Sami
Research Caroline Boas


Producer Henrik Veileborg
Producer's assistant Maria Robstad
Line producer Charlotte Vinther
Line producer Valdemar Guldbrandsen
Line producer Luna Jansen
Production manager Caroline Boas
Production manager Emma Sonne-Hansen


Cinematographer Frederik Marbell
Cinematographer René Sascha Johannsen


Editor David Rosenquist
Editor Steen Johannesen
Editor Rasmus Steensgaard Madsen
Assistant editor Frederik Marbell


Composer Kristian Eidnes


Sound engineer Kristian Eidnes

Visual effects

Colourist Adam Bendixen


Appearance Roger Stone
Appearance Donald Trump
Appearance Alex Jones

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